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Ace Mold Release
Ace mold release is applied to bullet molds and sprue plates to aid in the release of lead from the surfaces.  When applied according directions below there will be a significant reduction of stuck bullets and sprues.  

Available in sizes in drop down menu.  A 2 Oz sample bottle is available to test on your molds or sprue plates.

Application to Mold Surface or Sprue Plate
Recommend testing on one mold cavity to see if mold release affects bullet quality
Will leave a milky residue after application 
Follow these steps when applying:
  • Shake bottle well prior to each use.
  • Clean surfaces very well prior to application. Brake cleaner and a clean rag should be fine for new molds. If prior mold releases were used they must be fully removed prior to application. Oils or other contaminates can effect adhesion –
  • Warm up mold and or sprue plates with a torch, heat gun or on casting machine. They do not have to be extremely hot but fairly warm to the touch (200 deg F is ideal). To use casting machine to heat up simply cast 5-6 bullets in each mold with no fan on them. If applied on casting machine it will be slightly more difficult to apply but still very doable. For initial application allow 1-2 minutes between coats and 10-15 minutes after the final coat to allow for a full cure. 
  • Dip or apply mold release to a Q-tip. Wipe thin coats onto the surfaces with Q-tip. Allow cure time between coats as indicated above. 2 coats for initial application is suggested.
  • Can be applied to sprue plates and/or inside, on top of, etc. of molds. We even put one coat in the air vents on test molds and saw no adverse results. We suggest applying to one mold to check your results prior to applying to all your molds.
  • When Sprues or bullets start to stick again you can reapply over existing mold release. Apply in same manner as before to a hot mold. Re-application to a hot mold or sprue plate that has been running has a cure time of 1 minute. After more applications to sprue plates the sprues seem to stick less and less.


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