M2R Casting Machine

Automated Bullet Caster

Automated bullet casting machine for lead ammunition.  Pistol and rifle molds can be cast with lead alloys for commercial production.
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Vortex Bullet Sizer

Automated Bullet Sizer

Automated bullet sizing machine for lead ammunition.  Can size pistol and rifle lead bullets for commercial production.
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Automated Casting Equipment

American Casting Equipment manufactures automated casting and sizing machines for commercial bullet casters.  Machines are made from billet ensuring proper alignment of components including replacement parts over the machine's lifetime.

Designed and manufactured in the United States.  Ships out of Minnesota and demos available in East Grand Forks, MN or Labadie, MO.

Owner, Nick Nielsen, is a manufacturer of US made air gun ammunition.  Nielsen Specialty Ammo, Inc is Nick's ammunition company based in Labadie, Missouri.  

Nick offers his customers personal troubleshooting and help getting quality bullets in your production.  Nick offers this service 7 days a week to help the many customers who use their machines as a sideline business after hours of their main job or weekends.  Realizing this, Nick will give his expertise even during non-typical working hours.
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